Is it time you replace your phone

The battle in the smartphone industry has gone too far, with good and better phones being released every month. It’s never a good idea to change your phone every time your preferred brand releases a new model mainly because of the expensive nature of smartphones these days. When do you really need a new phone?

If any of the following signs apply to you, you might need to consider replacing your phone.

  1. You have a battered screen and it’s not worth fixing

Having a cracked screen is such a common thing. For some people it’s a priority to get the screen fixed once it’s cracked but for some it’s not a big deal. If your screen has been busted for a while and you won’t fix it mainly because it costs more to repair it than your phone is worth, maybe it’s time to move on.

  1. Your phone camera no longer impresses you

Ever noticed how it seemed the videos and photos your camera took always astounded you the first days you bought it and it seems as if your camera has worn out over the years. No it didn’t! Phone cameras are getting better every year and yours cannot improve to match the recent ones, so as you compare your pictures with your colleagues you’re most likely to be embarrassed.

Usually the variations in picture quality are minimum from one model of a phone to the next, when you find that there is now a huge difference then you should probably consider ditching your phone.

  1. You can’t find accessories for it anymore

Your charger is messed up and you can’t get a new one for your phone anywhere, your phone’s battery life is now bad, time to change the battery but you can’t seem to find your battery anywhere, its time for a new case but you can’t seem to find the one for your phone?

if you fit any of the above scenarios or can’t find any other accessories for your phone, its time to move on.

  1. You’re always out of storage

If you’re now caught up in a constant circle of deleting your picture, videos, using junk files cleaner apps, moving apps and other files to external storage, deleting other unnecessary files like thumbnail files, whatsapp sent files folders and you still get warnings that your device is out of storage. You can nolonger install the new apps you wanted, keep the videos you want, get the updates you want .

As the operating systems do more, they get bigger and the thumbnails for your files get bigger. Suddenly your 8gig that seemed to be “just fine” when you bought your phone a few years ago feels like trying to fit an adult in a child’s pants.

If your phone’s storage space limits you prevents you from using your phone the way you want to, you should consider getting a new one.